Reviews for "Night Trap"


normally i don't really like taco man movies. But this one was pretty awesome. At the end i sorta wanted to see him dead xD but i didn't want the game to end if there was more to it. so i saved him. You should be able to restart at different parts. At least let us restart at the beginning of part 2.

Amazing in every possible way!!!!

I own a game for the Sega CD that uses the same gameplay as the sega CD game Night Trap....I think it's called Sewer Shark, or something. Anyway this is an amazing I was just expecting a parody of Night Trap but then NO! I get something better, an actual FLASH VERSION OF IT!!! AMAZING!!! I loved it. It was funny as hell, and one more thing. Of course I wouldn't let Tacoman die, he's my hero.

very nice

i loved it

it reminds me kind of like my flash movies on NG

Very Impressive

I admit to being a great fan of Ebolaworld and Taco-man especially and this entry deserves all the praise it receives. It's a remarkable bit of programming and overal production that makes this the best halloween special I've ever seen; and whilst the gameplay is a little shallow (as it should be, being based on the Sega original) I still went through it several times. A triumph.

Oh, and it's pretty funny too.

that was awesome you should make a nether one for this years halloween