Reviews for "Night Trap"

that was 'dead' good

i loved it. I like the style of it and i can tell lots of effot has gone into that. I like that in eavry diffrant room most of the time something is happening. it was proffesinal and it realy had a lot of tention.

Great game

I was recently playing this, and I must say, this parody is just great. I must admit, like the regular game, I suck badly at this, heh, I only caught like 4 of the Auger-wannabes, d'oh.

Anyways though, great game, I'll definitely have to try again and see if I can catch more and get the different endings.


at the start if you look in the bedroom theirs a zombie.


THIS IS SOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can u trap tacoman like his vido?

Samination responds:

You can't trap Taco-Man, but you can get him killed.