Reviews for "Night Trap"

Funny game!

I love the Taco-man series, and this was a great addition. I loved the use of timing and events taking place. My brother got 11 so far. The best to do is flick around the channels before an important event (sometimes leechers will walk around during the event, but not at the exact time). I loved the end decision on letting the gamer decide when to kill or save Taco-man.

Easter Egg: I was flicking around, and around the start, I went to the bedroom. I saw the girl brushing her hair, but a bit after that, Homestar popped up.


Very Fun!! Very Funny!!! Very AWSOME!!! THIS GAME ROCKS!!!


Rofl i saw strongbad!!

good game

i really hate taco man

give me five stars i love taco man XD i watch it in youtube ever day