Reviews for "Night Trap"

This is me..

Giving you the respect you so obviously deserve. Believe it or not, for the first time in a long time, I couldn't get enough of taco man. If you make more I'll be your personal hitman for a day. :D

this is the best...

serious, i never say stuff like " best movie ever" Goddamn this was good, the only problem is, when you die, you have to start over, you should do that we could start at the same point..(ya know what i mean), for the rest , i loved it, i just cant believe this.
man, you fucking rule, maybe its a crew, but damn...omfg

Very funny!

This was a very funny parody of the real thing. The funniest part had to be when Tacoman revealed he was a dude. Great job!

its acually pretty funny i hate vamps tho but i enjoy traping them if u make more games i will be verry happy to play them popzila out peace :D

Samination responds:

This game almost killed me, so I doubt I'll ever make another, unless there is someone talented enough out there to help.

Funny and I like the 75 episode when you was died every trap love it!