Reviews for "Night Trap"

As a huge Night Trap fan, I loved it...

I can remember playing the old FMV games of the 1990s a lot; Double Switch, Night Trap, Psychic Detective, Daedalus Encounter, the fairly decent Wire-Head and Tomcat Alley, even the god-awful Sewer Shark, Surgical Strike, Space Pirates and Ground Zero Texas!

Among my favorites were the first four titles mentioned.
What makes this flash unique is that it's basis is on such an obscure game, as the entire FMV genre died very quickly, some speculate as a result of the first-person shooter FMV games' poor design.

However, the unique trap-voyeur concept, popularised by both the then-controversial Night Trap, and its brother Double Switch, became a cult hit for some gamers, while others hated FMV games altogether.

I like that this flash isn't an attempt at a direct emulation, rather it changes the game's characters.
After all, seeing the late Dana Plato would be more depressing than humorous anyways.

Good job, keep up the good work, would like to see some more obscure video games (anyone remember Rise of the Dragon or Snatcher?) parodied or otherwise revamped into flash.

Long and WORTH IT!

w00t! This is the best halloween special I've seen and the best EBOLAWORLD flash too! This is a 5, Sam T!


amzing technique.
I never saw such a thing.

it was a pretty heavy file, though. and didn't always run perfectly.
to the last commenter:
homestar runner is appearing in the bedroom around the time when the girls first enter the door. it's rather hard to explain... just play around with the cameras and you'll find plenty of secrets (you can do this also when he is explaining how everything works and stuff).
for example, around the start, there is a zombie in the bathroom that you can kill. in some other time (I missed that one) a zombie runs into a "secret-cave-entrence-somthing" in the living room (behind the bookcase, of course) and really... that's some hard work you did here.

my only complaint is that the story wasn't that thrilling. but then again, I can't think of any other way to make it...
I really liked the eye-style in most of your non-human beings.
you should really focus on making creatures rather then humans cause you're better at it.

funny stuff:
-"you're a really annoying character, and I don't care if you die"
- when you let her kill taco-man in the end (or any other character for that matter) there's a lot of trap signs jumping all over (as if saying "what? are you really going to let him die?!! co'mon, click already... it's way too easy").

cool and scary

i feel like tacos


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