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Reviews for "Night Trap"


that was magnificent. I think it was silly it just ended like that though, man the actionscript needed to make that JESUS.
That looked amazing!
the camera, and how they all connected, man, when the pizza came both cameras connected. Amazing.

Oh, taco man

this was a great gameit was really fun and had great sound, interactivity, and animation. the real time in it was pretty sweetand so was the humor. I have played night trep for sega CD but it was really hard as you had to enter codes to get to a sertain room camera and the fact there were about 100 ninja-vampires to capture. This was a great parody as well. Thank you

For those wanting to know the locations off all the leechers or whatever they are, here they are.

In the first part of the game, you have to get the ones in the BATHROOM and then the remaining one in the BEDROOM to continue to the second part.

In the second part, the moment Ben Burrito comes on the screen, switch to the BEDROOM to catch one, then switch to OUTSIDE to catch two on the roof.

Quickly switch to the LIVING ROOM and wait for Zach to attack Taco-Man. Trap Zach, then switch to OUTSIDE. Two more will come along on the roof.Switch back to the LIVING ROOM to get another one.

Switch to the KITCHEN, and wait for the three leechers to attack Taco-Man and the girls. Trap the group of leechers and switch immediately to the LIVING ROOM, where one more will appear.

Switch to the HALL and wait for Sarah's father to attack Ashley, trap him, then switch to the BATHROOM, and catch another one.

Wait, (because this one is about the hardest to find) in the BEDROOM for the last one. Trap it, then save Taco-Man.

There are also I think 5 different endings.

1. If you basicly let every one and Tacoman die ben Burrito will be pissed and will go on about howhe cant make a movie out of it

2.If you save every one except the annoying girl and get 1-5 leechers you get Tacoman saying thanks and happy halloween

3.If you save every one except the annoying girl and get 6-10 leechers you get Taco man saying Happy Halloween and something elese I do not remember.

4. If If you save every one except the annoying girl and get 11 leechers you get a Tacoman Scooby-Doo ending

5.If you save every one except the annoying girl and get all 12 leechers you Get a "special"shower scene ending

well that is about it and I bet somebody is pissed that I ruined the whole game for them, but oh well Great game!

And yes, Taco Man got saved by a Demon Fox!


Could have been better, Taco Man was pretty neat looking though, but the rest of the experience makes up for it!


Some of the voices could have been better, but Taco Man was done quite well, the voice fits him good!


Nothing better than perfect timing to trash vampires down random chutes!


Some of the 4th wall breakage was pretty good, such as the comments about the person (or in this case *thehe* nine-tailed fox controlling all this), and of course let's not forget the infamous line "Actually, I think you're a really annoying character and I don't care if you die". That gave me a few laughs, and let's not also forget Taco Man's fake boobs (peaches?) too!


This is where things get interesting, the whole idea with the cameras was nicely done, let's you see the whole angle on something happening, and sometimes 2 things are happening at once so you have to time your movements right to suceed. Also, the trap system was pretty good too, good thing my MX518 mouse has a high sensitivity mode so I could be quick on the trigger!

You really have to pay attention to what's going on in order to be good at this game.


This is one of the most advanced games I've seen on Newgrounds lately, must have taken alot of work to code in the whole multi-angle system, and it fit perfectly for Halloween too!

Now, make a sequel next year with a more Pico oriented plot and nicer graphics, and you might just win the top prize like "Portal of the Damned" (although, now, I think you should have gotten first place).

I salute you, and I salute you too Taco Man, I may have ONLY NAPPED 4 VAMPIRES, but still, saving you is quite a great honor!

KK out.

p.s. Also, from what I hear Homestar Runner is in this game too, but when?

I killed taco man 2. For the lulz

SOmething about that music and the vampires scared the crap outta me.

V----that's what she said. I love the game honestly.