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Reviews for "Night Trap"

I only got 5 of those stinkin' vampires!

Anyway, Congrats on making an awesome game based on a rather obscure videogame.

Graphics: Very well made graphics and all.

Style: The first time I've seen a flash movie made like this. VERY impressive.

Sound: Heck, the voice acting was pretty damn good.

Violence: It just had a bit of blood. At least of what I saw...

Interactivity: YOU decide whether they live... OR DIE!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Humor: There just wasn't much, mind you, I only played through it once...

This flash is one of the most interesting I have found. Sam T, I salute you!


dnt hav to much 2 say.. but i loved it :)

very nice

i loved it

it reminds me kind of like my flash movies on NG

Yeah!! ^-^

Very nice movie!
Great sound and great animation.
Great interactivity with the different rooms and offline cameras and stuff!
I couldn't let taco man die though, i felt sorry for him xD

Very nice

I played the original Night Trap game when it was new-ish :P.. never beat it, i was only 6 or 7 then heh.. but this is just a nice not so serious remake of it. I can't remember the plot of the original too well, all i remember is dark dudes grabbing some chick and killing her, never passed that :( but anyway, great job, and other reviewers, this isn't exactly original :P the "Original" version was very similar with the cameras and all that