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Reviews for "Night Trap"

Very Impressive

I admit to being a great fan of Ebolaworld and Taco-man especially and this entry deserves all the praise it receives. It's a remarkable bit of programming and overal production that makes this the best halloween special I've ever seen; and whilst the gameplay is a little shallow (as it should be, being based on the Sega original) I still went through it several times. A triumph.

Oh, and it's pretty funny too.


I loved everything about this flash. You did an excelent job remaking Night Trap and letting me relive what was the best game ever to come out for the Sega CD and 3DO. I would kill for the fla file to this thing. I mean, damn. I miss FMV games so much I always wanted to make them (film student). When digital pictures went out of bussiness I nearly wept and then you came along and made this brillant tribute. This was the most awesome interactive flash cartoon ever. Thank you for making it.

Dude that was awesome!!!

I would totally raise the score for you if there was an originality cat├ęgorie, very very awesome!


amzing technique.
I never saw such a thing.

it was a pretty heavy file, though. and didn't always run perfectly.
to the last commenter:
homestar runner is appearing in the bedroom around the time when the girls first enter the door. it's rather hard to explain... just play around with the cameras and you'll find plenty of secrets (you can do this also when he is explaining how everything works and stuff).
for example, around the start, there is a zombie in the bathroom that you can kill. in some other time (I missed that one) a zombie runs into a "secret-cave-entrence-somthing" in the living room (behind the bookcase, of course) and really... that's some hard work you did here.

my only complaint is that the story wasn't that thrilling. but then again, I can't think of any other way to make it...
I really liked the eye-style in most of your non-human beings.
you should really focus on making creatures rather then humans cause you're better at it.

funny stuff:
-"you're a really annoying character, and I don't care if you die"
- when you let her kill taco-man in the end (or any other character for that matter) there's a lot of trap signs jumping all over (as if saying "what? are you really going to let him die?!! co'mon, click already... it's way too easy").

And yes, Taco Man got saved by a Demon Fox!


Could have been better, Taco Man was pretty neat looking though, but the rest of the experience makes up for it!


Some of the voices could have been better, but Taco Man was done quite well, the voice fits him good!


Nothing better than perfect timing to trash vampires down random chutes!


Some of the 4th wall breakage was pretty good, such as the comments about the person (or in this case *thehe* nine-tailed fox controlling all this), and of course let's not forget the infamous line "Actually, I think you're a really annoying character and I don't care if you die". That gave me a few laughs, and let's not also forget Taco Man's fake boobs (peaches?) too!


This is where things get interesting, the whole idea with the cameras was nicely done, let's you see the whole angle on something happening, and sometimes 2 things are happening at once so you have to time your movements right to suceed. Also, the trap system was pretty good too, good thing my MX518 mouse has a high sensitivity mode so I could be quick on the trigger!

You really have to pay attention to what's going on in order to be good at this game.


This is one of the most advanced games I've seen on Newgrounds lately, must have taken alot of work to code in the whole multi-angle system, and it fit perfectly for Halloween too!

Now, make a sequel next year with a more Pico oriented plot and nicer graphics, and you might just win the top prize like "Portal of the Damned" (although, now, I think you should have gotten first place).

I salute you, and I salute you too Taco Man, I may have ONLY NAPPED 4 VAMPIRES, but still, saving you is quite a great honor!

KK out.

p.s. Also, from what I hear Homestar Runner is in this game too, but when?