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Reviews for "Night Trap"

This Was GREAT!

This is going into my list of favorites. It's been YEARS since I've ever thought about that game Night Trap. God, That game is older than most of the NG'ers are!

Brings me back to my Sega CD days.

Or my 3DO days for whoever remembers that game system... Anyway. Loved the game reminded me of the real game. At the same time I was wondering if you'll make two more games titled "Texas Ground Zero" and "Sewer Sharks". Only thing that I thought this missed was the controversial rape scene that made this game famous. Anyway... tens and fives. Happy Happy.

I like tacos

That was good I mean I may have only got half of the leachers but I did beat the game and saved a taco lol

That was fun!

I gotta admit this was 1 of teh funnest things Ive ever played! I like games taht follow the same things as this one. But the timing was still bad and the girls boobs were like WAY too big and I should know cuz Im a girl

Great game

I was recently playing this, and I must say, this parody is just great. I must admit, like the regular game, I suck badly at this, heh, I only caught like 4 of the Auger-wannabes, d'oh.

Anyways though, great game, I'll definitely have to try again and see if I can catch more and get the different endings.