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Reviews for "Night Trap"


lol i let the leech thing eat the first chick and it was game over = ( now i gotta go thru it agin to c taco die o and fyi while the burito dude is talking go to the beroom and u c i chick combing her hair then kitchen to c old peoples talking

im gonna play again

but this time im gonna let her eat that damn taco

just one thing...

what happened to that girl in the bathroom? I think her name was jessica or something.

Good fun!

Hell of a lot more fun than the real NIght Trap. Good dialogue, and by good I mean good intentionally bad dialogue.

I can only catch 6, but then again I'm using a trackpad, so, yeah.

Good stuff!

my cousin had this game

but back then I thought it was the shiz!!! and now it's kinda cleche but this brought back some good times...(80's music starts to fade in)

nice job 10/10