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Reviews for "Night Trap"


Wonderful storyline, unlike the real game.Funny as heck,because of the random comments in it. Overall, this game is pretty sick!!!!! 10/10.

easter eggs

lol I love all the easter eggs that you put in this. It makes me want to look for more.

I like the boobies.

I though I wasn't really going to like this game, based off of how crappy the gameplay was in your video.

But I acctually liked it

:D <3 Good Job


i kiled ashely i now she was not a good charitar but gosh she dose not need to die noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Samination responds:

Ashley didn't die. :P

traps, at night, what you might call night trap

lip syncing for sam burrito was a little off, sometimes his mouth would keep moving even tho he wasnt talking
as for the rest of the game, pretty good, although sometimes i had no clue which room i was supposed to be in, cuz there wouldnt be anything happening in any room, so i had to wait a min or two for the characters to enter a room so i could watch them.
nicely created, i also loved the taco man cartoon of him playing the game :)

Samination responds:

Ya, the game has some audio sync issues. I fixed Ben's lines the best I could. :P