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Reviews for "Night Trap"

i usely log on to new grounds and i know i will see shit like this but its a great game 10\10

is this a horror game

13 years old and still better than a lot of current games


So this was cool I like it the whole title was kind of funny and the content with traps and camera stuff was really cool made for a decent game I really had fun with this one not sure what I would improve on this one but maybe ad even more options besides that this was cool

More fun options added would be cool but what you do have is pretty creative


Why does it say "Taco Man the girls"? Shouldn't there be an "and" in there? Taco-Man looks scary with boobs. I never played the original game, but know a lot about it. I saw a lot of gameplays. Thank you for including this walkthrough!

It's so easy. Your animation style is quite distinctive. Shouldn't he have used the name Taco-Woman? Even his own wife is just called wife. While not a fan of the genre, this is still great.