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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 17"

Stinky bum bum alert.

Great Episode, Is that Metric?
Really well done. Keep them coming.

Retarded (Undead) Animal Babies! Awesome!

I've been waiting for a Halloween episode for years now, and you did not disappoint. This episode had a good plot, and a nice twist at the end. I loved Cat's costume, that was hilarious.
I hope you continue this series for the rest of eternity, it is without a doubt my favorite internet cartoon series ever.

this should win the contest !!!!

this is the best rab episode yet and i love the sereies "what is the at metric ? lol but i have one question what happend to rab 16 ?

Definitely not the standard RAB episode.

Speaking as somebody who has been a fan of this series since day one this was a major departure from what I am used to for the series. More than that the plot twist was very well done and completely caught me off guard. At the same time though it also lets us know that it's still the same RAB that we know and love.


this totally kicked ass and had a nice twist. something confuses me that i dont know if u know or not. i saw a music video for 'virus alert' from weird al and with it was the same animation and most of the characters from this series, did u make it or did something terrible happen?