Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 17"


well done :-D


You are a god .. never has this earth been graced with such magnificance as you sir .. einstien washington .. "umm some other important figure in american history" kennedy maybe? hell i dunno anyways .. back to what i was saying none to ever have been born into existence shall ever reach ur level of greatness i would give all i have just to brush against ur aura of uberness ,,, u will never die, if anyperson where to transend the current level of human evolution it would be u .. how can ur head hold up such a large brain ... "we're not worthy,we're not worthy" stay gold ... stay gold my friend

Dave responds:

Thank you for the honest response. It should be plain to everyone how accurate and intelligent this reviewer is! Thanks Wildcat! A+ for you! :o)

You guys,I just shit myself!!!

This is a realy good RAB.Point of advice,BIGGER PEE PEE PLACE!!!!!!!!1111111

Good Job

What is that metric?
I love your shit it is so funny. Keep up the good work.

It are bestet ever! ^o^

So you tried a plot & it worked. Did I mention RAB makes great Xmas presents for coworkers you get along with?