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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 17"

Number 665!

C'mon guy after me, you'll be the 666th reviewer! Don't wait 'till it's too late!!
Oh, anyway, I feel there's nothing to say about the movie... Just awesome as ever!


Never saw it coming


Hey guys, let the reviews reach 666 and hold it to commemorate the awesome retardation :D

what is that metric?

I admit, i didnt see satan coming. its always nice to see him. plus i expected puppy to say "Cool now i can fuck DEAD people!" you know, youve always made me laugh.
especially the sean connery part. my dad loves him
"SHon your shtoopidly dead to me. with your shon shon shosh sohsohchchashcaschhchhch!"
Keep up the good work! hope to s ee a RAB 24!

im confused

i dont get how they died,and when they did,and how the didnt no they were dead???