Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 17"

A thing of beauty

Definitely one of the best Halloween cartoons I've seen! I've known about this episode for years and I still watch it every Halloween and Christmas. If you're going to continue the series, please make the next episode have a full story arch like this one did. It's a little cartoon show made with a lot of love and care for the craft. This cheers me up almost on a spiritual level somehow.

At CTGStudios:
I know you mentioned that a pumpkin explodes when you click on it, but I just couldn't find the pumpkin. The only thing I found was that you can use the costume generator.

Best RAB episode ever!

If you click on the pumpkin it explodes! :D


LOL so funny


F*CK yeah I'm 666!
this show rocks animation is epic and its just funny.

Number 665!

C'mon guy after me, you'll be the 666th reviewer! Don't wait 'till it's too late!!
Oh, anyway, I feel there's nothing to say about the movie... Just awesome as ever!