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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 17"

I have been searching...

for an episode where bunny at the start says that he plays a jew harp, and the jew harp makes a noise like "hamster hamster hamster, fluffernutter" and i really wanna watch that episode again, so can any of you please tell me the name of that episode? That would be sweeeeeeeeeeeet, anyway this is an EPIC episode! Please pm me the name of that episode!


my birthday is on halloween this is one FUCKED up birthday for me XD


Loved it. Derek Acorah. :')

Best Episode Yet

Whether it is puppy's ghostly dick haunting the table or satan being stan it is great and I also thing that satan is becoming my favorite character

One DIRTY halloween...

And probably the most funniest. I may personally hate those cheap, fake "Ghosts are Real" shows, but this makes perfect ridicule of them! The twist at the end was a tiny bit used, but it DID make the episode more interesting. And, dare I say it, I think Satan is becoming my favorite character!

Dirty, satiric and overall funny, This made Halloween more enjoyable than it already is for me.

P.S. Try the "Random Costume Generator" from the start of the cartoon: I got "Retarded Executive Ninja on her Period", "Sleepwalking Paperboy Mermaid made entirely out of Boobs" and "Fire-Breathing Jaguar with Three Eyes". I wonder if anyone else got something funnier or more awesome than those?