Reviews for "BubbleGum Grooveline"

This is the shiznip yo.

this is a song i can groove to on any day of the week yo. I hope your future is filled with inspiration for songs and is as bright as the sun. Have a good day yo.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I could definitely use some extra scorching blind future inspiration
Thanks for the visit :]

Funky as fuck.

This tracks chews bubble gum and kicks ass. But it hasn't run out of bubble gum yet :P

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Awwwwwwwww yeaaaah :duke: :duke: :duke: :duke: :duke: :duke:

That groove...

Let it do what it do, son....

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

It is doing the groove, master

10 years ago you're just a nameless musician.
10 years later you're the owner of a music company.
You enter your building like a boss, with big bodyguards following behind you.
You turn to your left.
All the male staff bows their head to greet you, "Good morning, Mr. SHADOWFOX2."
You replied with a nod.
You turn to your right.
All the female staff sensually smiles at you, "Good morning, Mr. SHADOWFOX2."
You replied with a raised eyebrow & a smug.
When you talk, the bankers listened. When you walk, everyone makes way.
In meetings, you're the only one that's allowed to chew bubblegum & pops it loudly.

5 points everywhere!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

LMAO great story, I'll remember this for when I do in 2022
I gotta wait 'til I'm 32 huh....
Thanks doods

DAAAAAAAAMN. This tune is so groooooooooooovy! Love it! Don`t know if i would call it an issue, but i can`t stop listening to it. It just keeps me coming for more. Very catchy tune. Mmmmmmm so gooood!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I'm glad you like it.
It's one of my favorites from the album
Summer sunsets a-plenty