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Reviews for "Coma: Red Wind Theme"

Swell track

I'm not sure of the original theme cause i have never heard of it but i know i did like this song you made here,it had a lot of rhythm as was quite catchy plus it had some great quality,overall it was a swell listen and you did a great job on it. =)


It makes me feel nostalgic almost, like a kid exploring a forest and not knowing what he might find. It's not often that I hear a song that makes me feel something the way this one has. Thank you.

Also, a perfect fit for Coma :)


an excellent compliment to the game. really gave it an extra edge.

Glad i didn't comment on this when I first heard

Ok. Dude.

You needs a band.


Make epic musics like This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky.

I implore.


Such a relaxing song, it somehow gives off an otherworldy vibe.