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Reviews for "Coma: Red Wind Theme"


Who has not played the game to play: D the music fits
with the game and the music is upbeat and well made this a great
face'm a fan of this guy.

so relaxing

love the song. is there any way i can get a copy of the first one i hear as soon as i leave the mansion?


Absolutely incredible, I downloaded it a few days ago and have listened to it on a loop I think over 100 times already. Amazing, it inspires me so much, and has really enhanced my artwork, as I'm currently working with a style that mirrors this music.
Coma was a masterpiece, mate. You should be incredibly proud.

nice work!

it's like techno with trance with a hint of rock mixed ALL together.


As I heard it, I felt in peace. This is so.. _ <- Put whatever you want amazing there.