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Reviews for "Coma: Red Wind Theme"

It's just peaceful, yet inspiring at the same time

I just feel like there is peace, but at the same, I want to go and find something. I don't know, I guess I'm wierd like that, but, that's what they always say about visionaries. I'm just say'n. The song is an amazing work you've put together, everything is just right. I also played the flash game, and it was just mind-blowing. The song fits so well with the game. It makes me wan't to go to my sub-contious world, "my happy place" if you will. Well, thank you for reading my review!


this song is the most beautiful thing i have ever heard

Makes you think differently

The game and the music both go hand in hand. Both are well done and make you think and appreciate. It takes skill to do that.

A cool, brisk atmosphere

A very natural feel. The clenching of the persona the game this song was featured in surrounds my body, enclosing me in it's deep dark vortex of horror and fear... The detail and depth that was put into this song has grasped onto my soul and twisting it into infernal core. Truly a simplistic melody with an acoustic personality (ha ha).

So I found out I still have this song in my ipod, just wondering if you could do an extended version.