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Reviews for "Coma: Red Wind Theme"

5/5 10/10 Fantasic!

One of the most beautiful and haunting pieces of music I have heard in my whole life! Its melody sticks with me long after I've stopped listening!

In a way

This reminds me of songs from games like Little Big Planet.

Whenever I listen to this song, it makes me feel so good. It's absolutely calming and beautiful. I'm not normally one to comment on music but this was just such a great song I couldn't help writing this review to tell you how much I love it. :)


Makes me want to go to sleep in water or something soft...................... like cookie dough and eat it while im sleeping.

amazing song

sounds good, it doesnt feel 'choppy' or out of tune anywhere, and it fit the game"Coma" perfectly for the feel of the game :D

i'd like tabs for this if u have any!!!


this game and music made cry,NOT really but I kinda want to.