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Reviews for "Coma: Red Wind Theme"

ahh this is so soothing ...

ahh well done dude ... when I listen to this song it just makes me want to sit back , relax and enjoy the feeling of life ...

Thanks a lot :)



This song is so soothing, it's like you have to play it over ten times in order to move on to the next song. :D

I cant tell you

I cant tell you how many times I played coma, the art work was amazing! And what made it even better was the music... I caught myself listening to this a lot. Everything about the game was amazing, probably the most beautiful looking game on newgrounds. Keeeep it up.

Please do read!!

Very Relaxing. But you forgot to tag this song on the game Coma, which all Newgrounds users do! So people can see this song on there and listen to it here. You'll make more views!

great song

any chance of you writing out the tabs?