Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"


Great Job to all of you, I have played all of the the Four Second Games, Keep up the good work!!!

oh and to LadyFrench .....the point of the game is to figure out and beat each game in 4 seconds if they gave instructions for every game...it would ruin the whole thing

youre just slow =P

Amazing Game

The first 4 second flash was great. but this one was even better! Great music. Great minigames, great style!

I loved it except that sometimes i didnt know what to do and by the time i figured it out, it was too late.

10/10 from me!


If you guys keep this up, you're going to run out of good names for the collections!

What are you gonna call the next one, 'four second freakout'?

Whaterver the case, still an absolutely excellent game. I vote 5.

I dont see any problem

dude the game works fine.

best game ever

wow this is one of the best games of newgrounds
it's really fun and addicting