Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

i love to play four sec games

i love playing four sec fury and frenzy but this is better than them all. keep makeing them.good work

Fucking Amazing

The best one of them all. After playing it all day, I finally beat it.

And sorry deathsenemy, but your an idiot. Four Second Firestorm is of the same series as Four Second Fury, and Four Second Frenzy!


This game is a masterpeice! I love it! Im sad this is the final but you can still make more!!

The ultimate challenge!

This is one of the hardest games I've ever played! I've even completed Endurance mode! One problem though, this game lags. Still, keep it up and make more games for the Four Second series!

Veeeeery Nice

This was the hardest one of the series.
Btw the Right-click microphone trick worked for me(I have windows XP)
Took me quite a few tries to complete it
10/10 5/5