Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

What a game

I love this game. It has very easy levels, impossible levels and wierd levels. The only problem, waiting 2 mins at the start, But i still played a okay minigame

Gotta be on ya toes nigga

Its a realy good game over all, but my quarel with it is that it doesnt realy tell you haw to plat the game at all, so you also have to spend that 4 sec. figuring out what your suposed to even be doing to acomplish the goal. Like jumping the rocks, if you didnt click the right spot you failed, all it said was jump the rocks so i just clicked...and died. But thats the only problem I found, so good job.


a lot like 4 second frenzy was most of the four second frenxy creaters working on this as well?


i cant beatit, its fun, but its SO FUCKING HARD!!!!!!!!

someone hacked it

there is no way anyone could beat it in 12 seconds on a separate note good but very hard game