Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"


i love all of the four second (insert word that starts with f here) game series, its sooo much fun to play. argh the calculus question annoys me every time i always get it wrong and ironically im taking calculus right now! lol oh well. great game, once again.


this game is so awesome and addicting. I got first place in mouse sudden death, woooh. On the leaderboardsss

Just great.. fast paced wonder!

Before I start reviewing i want to say that I am the highest scorer for mouse/sudden death with 305 seconds :) (for now anyways, and I'm real proud of that )

Anyways!Wonderful game i reaaally loved it!Congratulations to every author I love all your games, all your work!All wonderful and challenging!This has to be the best collab I ever seen/played!

Oh right..I wish I could have put 27 for interactivity in my review, but oh well :P

Rock on dudes!

Great game!

Some of the levels were pretty hard though.

WICKED SICK!!!!!!!!!

The ULTIMATE game!!!!!! Nothing more than perfection....Make a 4th one PLS!!!!