Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

The Game I have been waiting for all my life

I personally love mini games and this game has over 10 minutes of different minigames. I have been waiting the realease of this game for over a month and now that it has come out I think I will be plaing it for hours. I did find a few small grafical glitches and I still cant figure out how to play some of the games but that does not take away from the fact that this is amazing. I realy wish I knew actionscript so I could be a part of this amazing team. Keep up the good work


Great graphics, coding, audio, everything.

Simply put, it's addictive.

I still can't believe how big this turned out to be.

It's godly, end. Glad I was a part of it.



I love Wario Ware :) Thanks for you guys for made this game... microgames ;)

amazing game

-i loved it
-only one bad point games that if u didn't get the game started as soon as u could u would run out of time
- great graphics,sound,everything is awesome


MOTHMAN SHUT UP U NOOB that was a awesome game its like warioware bt more better and challenging >:) u should make more