Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

Yes, submitted

This is so awsome, i so glad i contributed to this, it was to awsome

Warioware much?

Not a bad submission but it kinda reminds me of Warioware. But don't get me wrong that's not a bad thing cause the game is awsome. But it just felt like it alot. Not offending or anything just pointing it out. ^-^

Awesome, simply awesome.

Plain and simple: awesome concept and fun all over. Good job to all involved. Only problem I can see is the lack of music; that one song gets annoying after awhile. Also, some of the games controls aren't really clear, so you pretty much fail the first or second time you play it, such as the game with the ninja jumping the rocks, or the beer grabbing game. Beyond that, great work.


OMG...that was the greatest game ive ever played on this site....it was funomanaly great and gets every thing i throw at it....

I still can defeat that boss


i really hope that this isn't the last one thqat you guys will make more
great mini games