Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

Intense game

So I have to say this was an intense game you have here. The flavor has good vibe about it you make it fun and while it was hard at first I still enjoyed it for the content and style so good gameplay here I think adding medals would be a plus on this and it's already a solid game

Adding some medals to this would be a plus


I'm so glad I can go back to this game and check the stuff I got wrong. Sometimes you just need to do that! I think my favorite was the candle lighting. I managed to get that one down the easiest! I love the format. It's just cool to see these screens flying around.

I think I got three or four of them down on the first try. Is that good? You know how to make good pacing. Wow, that's a lot of developers! One for each minigame I bet!


Flawed compated to the first two.

Worse than the first two of its series.
The arrow keys and spacebar games, many of those are nigh-impossible to complete in four seconds. i.e. the press-the-arrow-key-that-just-popped-
on-screen games. Did you beta test those?

The mouse games were better, but in the first game (just starting up a new game), my mouse cursor would often go invisible as a glitch, so that made me lose one life right off the bat.

The boss's attacks are too hard to dodge.

Hard and fun

This game's a lot more harder than the other ones. But it is still fun. Also, the microphone trick works here too. So happy to actually play this game!