Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"


i've been waiting for this game for awhile XD now that it's out it's just as i expected =) and yall even added mouse games too. nicely done, hope u guys go down in history =P honor to be the one to judge and pass this flash before it gets all the awards :)

Best game, EVER!

This is the best game ever, you sir, jmtb02. Are the new king of the portal :)

Go Firestorm!

Wootho! The long awaited Firestorm. And it is so awesome. This better get the frotpage!
Preloader game is fun :D


Most awesome game evar!

This also happens to be the first review.


The fast pace, the exciting music, the huge amount of games there are.....you get the drift.

Was it worth staying up late on a school night to see the release? You bet your sweet ass it was!

It's been a privilage to work with everyone on this project....and an honour to get an award for it!

Congratulations to everyone! Give yourself a pat on the back.