Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

It could have been much better.

Its not bad I guess, but the first and original is still my favorite. The games on this are complicated and hard to understamd in four seconds, and the music wasn't very energizing. On its own, the game's ok, but compared to what it should be, its pretty bad.

These get worse each time

Once again, the games almost always feel like they aren't designed to be understood and played in 4 seconds. Sadly this time there are absolutely none that I feel really stand out, and the mouse games in particular are very rarely more than terrible. It's a shame to see the only games that work are usually just slamming opposite arrow keys, because they're the only ones that have been timed to be done in 3 seconds (with 1 second to understand them).
The graphics are good, the sound is good, just the artists need to understand what can and can't be understood in 4 seconds.


its pretty good but it aint my type of game, it was too stressful and sometimes the instructions go away too fast, i mean for 50 animators together i expected alot better i didnt like it


DArn....i couldn't play this game cuz I downloaded Flash 9, but every time i reload, it tells me i didn't download Flash 9...T_T....anywayz, i thought it would be a gud game, keep up da gud work!

Good, but not as good as the previous games

I liked the preceding games a lot more than I liked this one. The addition of a mouse section was a good idea in theory, but I had a lot of problems with bugs in the mouse games, such as my mouse not appearing on screen, or it not clicking. All in all, a nice addicting game, but try to fix those problems.