Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

This Comment Will Help All Of You Play The Game!

At the beginning, right click then click Settings. Click on the microphone icon. You'll see a drop down bar under the word "Microphone". Right click on the arrow pointing down on the bar. In order for it to work, you have to have your tip of the cursor right on the arrow. You will then see a menu with buttons lik Play,Loop,etc. Click Forward, then Play. It should start automaticaly. You might have to click Forward twice. Hope you all can enjoy the game now with this!


i wouldn't have been able to play this awesome game without your advice
epic game btw


Fix the damn bug everyone has been telling you for the last 3 years PLEASE.

Excellent sample of innovation

Great graphics, Greats gameplay, Really innovative, what can I say 10/10

I found a way!!!

I found a way to get past the loading screens when you have Flash Player 10. But, I don't know if it'll work for other computers cuz I did mine on a Vista Laptop with a built-in microphone o_0. So you right click on the loading screen and select settings. You then go to the microphone setting and select the Microphone/Line-in choice in the drop down menu. Then, right click in the box and you should see the selections you would normally see if you right click in a flash game (play, rewind, forward, loop). First, press forward then play, or vice versa. This is how I did it, if it doesn't work, then I don't know. Great game, awesome gameplay 5/5