Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"


To play, wait for it to load 100%, then right click anywhere on the game screen. Go to settings, hit the microphone icon in the bottom right, press the arrow pointing down, right click that arrow several times, then you`re in teh clear.

easy like 1 2 3 :P


I used to be able to play, but it's saying I have Flash player 8 or earlier, when I JUST updated to Flash Player!

Veeeeery Nice

This was the hardest one of the series.
Btw the Right-click microphone trick worked for me(I have windows XP)
Took me quite a few tries to complete it
10/10 5/5


Well, nice game, and amazing as I waited for a game of your studio !
Your games are really amazing and I think you should keep up making games !

I just want to say that some of the games are not very easy-to-understand and the boss stage is more dfficult than FSFrenzy . Yay, and some games are too fas for some humans people like me !


If it says you don`t have flash 9:
Right click and press settings.
Click the microphone icon and right click the arrow.
Press forward.
Do this several times until you get the armor games symbol (x3 for me)
Really cool game once you play it.