Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"

Flash 9

I love when It doesnt let me play the game already since no matter how many times I have already installed it there are games that do this.


Is it just me or that the game loaded and got to 100% and than nothing happened?


:( WHY WHY WHY....... :( :( :( FIX THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!! plz fix the flash bug

I don't really see the flash problem.

The game works fine for me.

ANYWAYS, this is probably my favorite game of the 4 second series. I can see that you and other devoloping artists put a lot of work into this game, and I have to say, it was worth it. In addition, I also like the mouse games as well as the keyboard games. I'm just wondering, how long did it take you to make this game.


Yeah, that's pretty brutal. You guys should fix it.