Reviews for "Four Second Firestorm"


well thats not fair..i went an downloaded flash 10 ezpecially to play this game and its still detecting 8...

Great, but compatibility issue needs sorted!

The games here are fantastic for the most part, requiring you to be on your toes at all times to ensure you can complete the required objective in the meagre four seconds you have for each one.

Frustration sets in occasionally when the instructions for certain games aren't clear enough, or when you seemingly do complete the level but still fail it for some unknown reason. Still, this is part of the frantic nature of this game, and tyou learn from your mistakes the more you play.

Music is suitably fast paced and matches the game quite well, never getting overbearing on any particular game.

Major gripe time. As has been noted in other reviews, this game has major compatability issues with flash 10, believing it to be a version earlier than 9. Whilst there is a kind of easy work around to this (right click, settings, microphone tab, left click on the down arrow, right click on the down arrow, select forward 3 times) the fact of the matter is people shouldn't have to jump through hoops to play the game.

To bad.....

To bad I couldn't play it and I have flash 10 -.-
Some help to fix this problem would be nice.

If you have flash player 10 instead of 9.....

to anybody with flash 10 right click,press settings,click on microphone,left click on the down arrow then right click on the down arrow and press forward 3 times.
It really works!!

I dont see any problem

dude the game works fine.