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Reviews for "Phoenix The Goofy Goober"


its a good flash. good thing i still watch sponge bob.Haliarious

hell yeah

other than the fact that they runied a great song to make it freaking awesome flash.



Good job!

Wow, it must have been a pain to sync the mouth movement with the song. It's a good job for such a short flash, and the shortness is my only beef with this flash. A 4... out of 5.

Hey, I liked it.

I love this song for some reason and I commend you for being able to sync the mouths without making a single drawing, It must've been incredibly difficult to find all those sprites! Especially the Michael Jackson-esque guy choking himself (pre-plastic surgery). To the fellow below me; I don't think he meant anything wrong by it. It's not his fault that you don't like this song so, shove off and learn to spell flash.