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Reviews for "Phoenix The Goofy Goober"

nice but needs work

nice use of the sprites. overall; not awesome but not terrible either.
good job anyway. lol

Spongebob sucks.

Not creative at all.
Not funny.
Not even slightly amusing.
and Spongebob was involved, but not killed horribly.
Automatic fail.


I wouldn't really recemend it.

That wasn't very creative if you ask me but it wasn't to bad.I thought the sponge bob sprite was kind of funny.


This was pretty funny.

Scales:2/3, 3/5, 7/10 and 8 thumbs up!

the last guy was nuts the spongebob one rocks!

it was awsome and a tribute what a mix thanx for the laugh 5 definetly ...every day!