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Reviews for "Phoenix The Goofy Goober"

LOL this is so...

LOL this is so funny! I love spongebob and I love Phoenix Wright! Mix em both together and Voila! I love it! and the timing's brilliant!


This is so very wrong... but in a good way. lol
Great video. The sync was well done.

fusion-of-flash responds:

well thanks :D


this is the stupidist(in a GOOD way) thing ive ever seen

fusion-of-flash responds:

Yeah its rly stupid xD!

lol-gasmic video

omg.... funniest thing i've ever watched....

fusion-of-flash responds:

hahahahahaha xD

Missing one thing...

For the guitar solo... You needed Klavier (prosecutor from Apollo Justice) doing his air-guitar thing. That would have made this the greatest Phoenix Wrong-style animation in the history of ever.