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Reviews for "Phoenix The Goofy Goober"


~Good News~
Interesting idea using different characters and using one song.
Damn it's funny....

~Bad News~
Nah,there ain't any....

~Extra Comments~
Since Spongebob's in,throw Patrick in too....

Good work man!


awsome just plain awsome

btw i agree how could you think he cut the song? it would be all choppy if he did

nice work there

And by the way, here's a message to the one who sent the previous review:
He DIDN't cut bits out of the song. I've got the same version, but the part where spongebob is also dancing in a strange way is not available in an audio version, only in the actual movie.

anyways, nice job, those phoenix wright parodies rule!

you cut out bits of the song

you cut out bits of the song


that was a bit short and somewhat strange in places, but it was overall good to watch and i must say that you have a very good sense of humour.... this animation proves it too.