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Reviews for "Phoenix The Goofy Goober"

... your fash is the son of a retarted crab

How could you do this to what may very possibly the best series ever to be made for nintendo handhelds. When I watched this my ears began to burn and my eyes melted out of thier sockets, how am I typing you ask? I had my cat move the mouse so I could type. Yes, my cat is that awesome that he can use a computer mouse. But anyway that is not the point, the point is I OBJECT to this submission because it is the worst one I have ever seen on newgrounds. You make me sick, you really and truly make me sick. I hope you never taste the sweet satisfaction of pie ever again.

Fenrir Blackfire

fusion-of-flash responds:

Oh! I make u sick? I really belive u cuz ur one sick motherfucka.

Maybe u dont like the flash, but is'nt it kinda weird to come with those "very evil" comments about me as a person? You donr know me and u haven't seen me. And reviews is not made for critique against persons, say what's wrong with my flash instead.

One guy that u dont know but do make u sick.


funny y did u take away the part when he was scattin??

fusion-of-flash responds:

Well I did'nt actually cut anything. I found it like this.

it was ok

but there were a few things cut out ( I only know because of my little brother) such as he should have said no freakin way not just 7 nos
that wasnt all but it was still pretty good

I love this song!!

Okay ever since I heard this song, yes I watched the movie a few months ago[ I was sick and nothing was on tv],I have loved it.I gave the graphics a 9 basically because well its not exactly perfect cgi,but eh it didnt matter. Style a 10,cause its just got that nice flair to it xD. Sound, perfect in my eyes,and Violence a 10 basically because of the guy strangling himself,that was so amusing.Nothing to interact with. Humor because its just plain funny. And finally an overall score of 10 because, you did exceptionally well. I commend you on this. keep on pwning ass!!

OMG!!!!!! (!.!)

THIS SHOULDA BEEN IN PHEONIX WRONG LAST STAND!!!!!!! good job and you should b proud