Reviews for "Porst"

Didn't watch it all

I only watched about the first 10 seconds but i liked it so far. only reason i didnt watch the rest is cause i went off porn hunting... Any way it was good.

Pretty nice on it's own...

Obviously inspired but Scribbler, but perplexing nontheless.

this movie p00ned!!!

Pandalyn !
David Firth is not the one who made up this style!!!! this style and humor was used waaaay be4 he used it .... and it cant get any funner!! hahahha!


I love stuff like this and i think you did a great job with it.

Very much like "Scribbler."

David Firth has some big footsteps to follow if you are trying to do that. You art was well done, even if I've seen the style before. Well done, but not original, that's why I gave you only a "5" on style. You even used Boards of Canada for your soundtrack.

If you've never heard of David Firth, I'll bet this stings. I hate it when I come with something original, only to find out that it's been done before. But your style so closely resembles Firth's that I would find it hard to believe that you haven't been influenced by him.

Maybe it's a sign of the times, and David Firth has set a standard to follow. Perhaps I can look forward to more cartoons by other artists "in the style of David Firth." Certainly there is a part of the psyche that calls out to that style.