Reviews for "Porst"

Didn't watch it all

I only watched about the first 10 seconds but i liked it so far. only reason i didnt watch the rest is cause i went off porn hunting... Any way it was good.

Rip off

Intentional or not, it is a nearly exactly as Firth's work.

And maybe if your head hurts all the time, you shouldn't spend hours staring at the sun. Just a lil' friendly hint...

i hated this because

there was no originality in it at so ever!

ermmm i think i already seen that

man it's exacly the same : i feel sad blablablal firth got it u don't... i'm sure if u done something that coime from u and not another (great) artist. you'll come with something great.... but plz stop copycat firth

I really hate to do this.

It seems these days that just about every flash with a dark mood gets accused by countless reviewers of being a "D4vid f1rf rip0f".

Which is why it really bothers me to have to say that they actually seem to be right, in this case.

Now, for all I know, this may have been a tribute to "Scribbler", but nothing in your comments section, or the flash itself seems to indicate that.

On the bright side, however, I've watched your older flashes, and I did enjoy "Twindle Can". It too, reminded me slightly of one of David Firth's cartoons (Ptikobj, specifically), but you seemed to infuse your own style into it.

All of this style business aside, though, I actually do like your work, and hope you continue making flash. Just preferably with some more original ideas.

Ps: Very sneaky not putting David Firth in your "favorite artists" section, Tricky McTrickster.