Reviews for "alien abc"

good but;

x is for "x-fies"



HI,great work from a to z,art work was the bomb,forgot some aliens though A afghan,T taliban,and,U usama ban fukin,those aliens are of earth and should be poked at in a lab hee

great flick

Great flick.... the artwork is so superb and great quality... must have really took you along time to make but its a great flash to watch over and over.... keep up the great work....

That was so good, man

Nice job, I like that you had animations with your ABCs insted of just a big blanc screen or something like that. Nice job, aliens are real...


Dude wow u figured all that out. Imagine the world mad ABC for this reason. To keep this secret so obvious lol. Right nice video. 10/10 and 5/5 for respect. Nice and i a favored this cause i want to remember this. Nice video man! ^_^