Reviews for "666ChristianScum"


you needed five people to make this...........???

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

yes we needed 5 people for this GOSH FRIKIN IDIOT


The breast angle seems to look awkward, so the angle must be off. But this is scary as hell! Her teeth and mouth look evil and pleased.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

I was actually aiming for a happy-cute look XD

I drew this at work(and was throughly bitched at), which is why it might be off a bit


Okay and all... but...
Livecorpse died years ago... I still remember the whole uproar that occurred and even still have copies of the final goodbye emails that were sent out.
Did he contribute somehow years ago? Or is someone, in bad taste, using his account?


I think someone found these un-submitted Flashes and submitted them after he died.

I don't get it.

If he died in 2004 how can he submit something two years later??