Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"


great job... prob my 2nd fav that u've done so far.

durn responds:

Sexy. :D Thanks for the review, dude!

Great song! But the weather...

For those with air conditioning, weather is amazing...

For this week though, it's like 40 degrees! Can't even focus indoors :P

I really like the pause at 1:57. Sounds good to me!

durn responds:

Nay, no air conditioning here. :P I just keep a fan blowin' on me at all times. :D Not quite 40 here though, thankfully. :d Well, while I was working on the song the weather was nice anyways. ;)

Thanks for the review, zignature. :)

LOL...Epic Skillage...

I have to agree with glbracer. Every song you get us to listen to by you is just EPIC. There's nothing else I can say to it, just EPIC. Keep up the awesome work! I bet the NG community will, or maybe IS, looking forward to the songs you continue to compose xD.



durn responds:

Thank you for the very kind words, Injabie. :) Here's hoping I keep continuing to impress.

<(*.*)< ^(*.*)^ ^(*.*)> <(*.*)^ >(*.*)>

yaay i have found another enjoyable artist on newgrounds, funny im brouwsing through ur songs and 4 out of 5 times its like.. ehh :0.. ive heard that before somewhere.. hmmm.. *opens music folder* :\ no its not there.. why havent i downloaded this yet ._. ? *download* yahh thats better ^_^

sriously you've got some funy stuff there :0

durn responds:

Thanks Qixz. :D If you think the song is funky, you should see the music video! :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvuqu6 xvYug


dont even have to listen to the song cuz i already know its good :D

durn responds:

lol, you so crazy!