Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"

THis song made me log in

JUST to comment on this song:

IT's Wicked :)
Love it@@!!

durn responds:

:D w00t! Thanks for the love, Heft!

Very Good Work!

I'm not a big fan of these kind of songs but this is pretty good! Great Work!


durn responds:

That's mighty kind of you to say then, MidnightAshes. :) Thank you!


Lets Dance baybee...

Keep up the good work dude..

durn responds:

Will do, gerardus! :) Thanks for the review.


Such a clean, inspirational, melodic track. Love it. Keep this up!

durn responds:

Thanks steven! :)

the awesomeness is overwhelming

Love the synths (very original)

durn responds:

Nah, not original really. Just did a search for funk in my reason patches and used the ones that sounded nice together. :D The arp I threw in definitely helped spice things up a bit though. :d Thanks for the review, Annodan. :)