Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"


This some superb house right here :D Keep it up!

durn responds:

:) Thanks Vilko. Will do!

Nice Beat

Keeps it through the whole song

durn responds:

Glad ya liked it, Irish.

Quite Funky, I'd say...

If you set out to create good dance music, you sir, have achieved your goal. I could definitely hear this sort of music in a club or such, as you have mastered the dance beat. The beat in this is constant, yet not repetitive, which is a tricky thing to do. It's nice and long, with a melody that is both rhythmically, and melodically interesting, though it does repeat a bit, the way you present it makes it all right to do that. Also, the many filters and occasional breakdowns keep you listening, entranced, and dancing.

One thing I'd like to give you extra points for, is that you have incorporated some funk elements in this song, which is extremely rare for songs in this genre. Usually, you hear a big bass, and a plunky melody line with a lot of special effects and things going around in the background, but you have broken through that, and added a little sense of funk in the melody, that is complimented greatly by the background melody, and effects.

The reason I'm giving you a 9/10, is that some of the breakdowns are very out of place. You get this great funk groove going, and then it stops and quiets down into a more timid segment. This is a bit out of place, and it messes up the highly proclaimed groove you have captured.

Something I would add to this would be to expand on the funk. You already have a great bass, and some memorable synths, but why not expand on the guitar a bit? maybe add some horn punches in with the melody. Go for a bass solo. Be creative, because after listening to this song, I know you are.

durn responds:

Well thank you kindly, oobee. :) I tried to keep the drums interesting by changing up the hi-hat loops every 16 bars with occasional cuts and clap flourishes. :d

And aye, I do love the funk. It's my favourite kinda music to dance to cause I can just let loose and dance with great energy. That and really good breaks & d'n'b. :D

I hear ya about the timing of my breakdown as it's not entirely suited to the energy of the track but I do love me some trancey bridges. :d hehe, no worries though, I'll be changing it up in my next track. :)

Horn is something I've not used in one of my clubbier tracks. It would be a nice complimentary instrument as I already try to mimic them with synths in a way.

Thanks for the sweet-ass review, Oobee. :)

like it

i realy like it it gets mee high as shit u should make much more peac out!

durn responds:

Thanks skateboyz. I'll keep on keepin' on.

pree good

like the beat but a little generic for my tatse but still a good track

durn responds:

what's generic? the beat? the melody? I DONT KNOW!!!!