Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"

:D :D

just as great as every single spam uve sent me :P

durn responds:

mmm, fresh from the can! :D

Brain Eater

I totally give this a 10

For some weird reason i been listening to this beat for 4 days straight night and day it give this funky beat and clap that kind of fit to my taste which help me enjoy working or playing game and the repetition just doesnt get bore at all

really eat me up cant believe i actually still listening to this over over again ..Great beat \m/

durn responds:

Damn Spoil! :D That's a whole lotta listening! You rock, dude!! :D Thanks for tunin' in!

Groovy. Creative. Danceable!

It's always nice to hear something on Newgrounds that could just as well be blasting from the speakers at the local nightclub.

You keep the beat going throughout the entire length of the song, and still avoid it ever being repetitive.

The easier beginning, before the bass drum kicks in, introduces the song slowly to the listener. A good start, absolutely.

When the song starts for real, at about the minute mark, the listener has been prepared with a build-up, that wasn't overdone, but fit very well in.

The melody of the song is interesting. It's simple, rhythmical and varied, with different synths used to bring it forth. Transitions in the song are great as well.

What I really like about this song is the groovy feel it gives. It's not just all thudding rhythms and a simple fun melody, it's also got some groove to it, accomplished through applying various filters and breaking the song down at just the right places. Then the melody starts up again. Feels good, man!

You've been quite creative with this song, but I'm really sure you can be even more creative with future project. Don't be afraid to push those boundaries.

Review Request Club

durn responds:

Thanks for the great review, Soapbubble. :) I'm glad you felt the groove, I'm all about funkin' things up. :D

I spent a lot of time on transitions and making sure the melodies were all a little bit different each time they came in, whether by shortening note-lengths, switching synths or through filter automation. Glad to know the efforts didn't go unnoticed. :)

And damn straight, man, I'm always pushing myself. :) Working on a track right now that's slower and ends up taking you somewhere unexpected. :d Changed up my structuring quite a bit for it.

Thanks again for the great review. :)

amazing song!

the baseline is both static and dynamic at the same time. that is really impressive. i really like it!

durn responds:

:) Thank you, gr33bl3r. Bass is such a fun, warm thing to play with. I love how it can be used to compliment and change everything.


Makes me want to get up and dance!!

durn responds:

Yar, if ye truly be a pirate it's a jig ye should be doin'!

:d Thanks for dancin', pugle! ;)