Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"

Odd Feeling of Nostalgia

I'm not sure what it is about this, but it sounds to me like this would be a in a level formed by the combination of Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games making a Crash Bandicoot and Spyro mixed game...too bad they both sold the rights to both games....oh well, it makes me feel happy when I listen to it, not as good as some of your others, but I still like it enough to give it a 10/10

durn responds:

Loved Crash Bandicoot, didn't play much Spyro. :) Makes me happy to know it made you feel happy! :D Thanks for the review, E. :)

<(*.*)< ^(*.*)^ ^(*.*)> <(*.*)^ >(*.*)>

yaay i have found another enjoyable artist on newgrounds, funny im brouwsing through ur songs and 4 out of 5 times its like.. ehh :0.. ive heard that before somewhere.. hmmm.. *opens music folder* :\ no its not there.. why havent i downloaded this yet ._. ? *download* yahh thats better ^_^

sriously you've got some funy stuff there :0

durn responds:

Thanks Qixz. :D If you think the song is funky, you should see the music video! :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvuqu6 xvYug

Loved the sound FX!

This definatly got me moving a bit but, I think it needs some bass in the begining to get you UP! haha thats ust me but I think it was missing a little more sound to it.

durn responds:

Yeah, I tried something different bass-wise for this. I may've been missing some warmth due to that. :) Thanks for the honest review, Jade.

Hell YEA!

It has a weird dancin kind of feel lol , bt its still a good song, u shuld make a collab wit shooting star, i bet the song wuld either go on best tracks or best of da week, anyways hope u consider it

durn responds:

I certainly hope it has a dancin' feel to it. :D Thanks for the idea, cooliobeat! :)

5/5 10/10

I definitely enjoyed it , my favorite part being the transition around 1:54 it really refreshed the song right when it was about to get to repetitive for my tastes so yea great job =D

durn responds:

Aye, I start to get bored myself so I try to freshen things up midway and see where I can take it. :)

Thanks for the kind review, Kyuubis. :)