Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"



durn responds:

Hmmm, normally it's the other way around for me. I may've over-compensated. Egads! I'll have a closer listen and tweak it up. :) Thanks for the review, Mickey!

Very nice.

This song seems more like a spaced-out chill song rather than a dance song. I liked how you changed it up pretty quickly after it started to drag at about 1:50. The new sounds you added were nice. I would add more bass to this as most of the sounds are "Thin" sounding.

The part starting at 3:20 was nice but I'd like to have seen a bigger ending than that. It's just not really a song that I could dance to. That said, I still like it. It's pretty relaxing. XD It also loops very well. I hope you can tolerate my sort of rambling review! Chill song.

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durn responds:

Ya, well, maybe it's enough to make some video game characters dance then. ;) :D Thanks for the review, Stargenx.